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City On Down lyrics


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     City On Down
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        Well, in the end my friend, we will all be together again
    Clutching onto my hand, in a valley we'll stand, just living again
    And in a while we'll smile, march on another mile
    On hallowed hills, attached to the land we'll be still
    No one's ever gonna say a thing
    And we'll be together, together again
    Takin' it all to the city on down
    Just a while ago my soul was confused, amused at what it did not know
    Days went by, and amusement cried, I decide to let
    My soul fly on by itself, pick happiness up and bring it back to my shelf
    We'll be okay one day, in a valley we will stay
    No more moving on
    I knew it was right here all along
    Won't have to hold your crown, no more looking around
    Just holding ya'll tight in my city on down
    Just a while ago my soul was confused, amused at what it did not know
    But days went by and amusement cried
    I decide it's time, we got to move on now
    But I was so scared
    I was frightened, your all somewhat enlightened
    So I changed shoes
    Now we walk through a valley of color much better than the other
    Way I did not know, but now we can be united
    Miracle, miracle sighted, and I'm pulling it in
    I know by now we can all walk together at a regular speed
    Do you dare to be excited, are you aware somewhat delighted?
    Are you aware somewhat delighted?
    At what you did not know
    Let's take it to the city on down
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